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All members commit themselves to their work with conviction based their core values.


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lolab is leading an organizational culture that respects the creativity of each member and communicates flexibly.



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Understand each other in a horizontal structure



To create new innovations.

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We are looking for talented people who can pioneer digital logistics innovation with us.


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Job Application

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Document Screening

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Personality/Aptitude Test

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1st Interview

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2nd Interview

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Pre-employment Health Screening

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Hiring Decision

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Jung Jun-young

I’m responsible for customer sales and operations. I feel a sense of responsibility and pride as I take the lead in attracting and managing clients. In particular, when I win an order from a big customer, I feel very rewarded in that I have contributed to lolab increasing its presence in the logistics market and proved my individual competence.

  • Jung Jun-young
  • Sales/Proposal, Brokarry
Kim Do-hyeon

I’m responsible for business site operation status index management, business feasibility review of new businesses, etc. In the fast-growing logistics market, we contribute to providing customers with optimized logistics services by utilizing lolab’s unique AI platform. The only company where you can experience the opportunity to make various logistics business proposals in a horizontal is lolab.

  • Kim Do-hyeon
  • Performance management/Proposal, Business Planning
Lee Hyeon-jong

I oversee logistics center operation. My job is to establish the processes and analyze and improve logistics center KPIs and profitability. One of the benefits of lolab's logistics center is that it can operate based on optimal routing and work traffic flow by applying AI technology to logistics centers. We give opportunities to young logistics talents to grow in a free atmosphere where they can communicate flexibly.

  • Lee Hyeon-jong
  • Center Management, Fulfillment BPO
Kang Ji-ye

I’m responsible for transportation business infrastructure management and B2B Middle Mile business operation. I communicate with clients and research methods to provide optimized logistics services. It is a great advantage to be able to work proactively in a free atmosphere based on a horizontal organizational culture.

  • Kang Ji-ye
  • Business Operations, Transportation BPO
Lee Ju-hee

I use the AI logistics platform to plan optimized fulfillment services for my clients and set up strategies to manage subcontractors and improve productivity. The strength of lolab is that you can pursue diverse logistics careers at fast-growing lolab with good colleagues.

  • Lee Ju-hee
  • Strategy/Planning, Fulfillment BPO
Yu Jae-cheol

I’m in charge of the overall B2C Last Mile business operation. In the Last Mile field, you can move forward with various logistics experiences and on-site process improvement. Express yourself clearly! Execute quickly! Being able to “grow” is the strength of the Transportation Business Team.

  • Yu Jae-cheol
  • Business Operations, Transportation BPO
Kim Jae-hyun

I’m responsible for platform service planning/advancement and general operation. The platform business team pursues digital innovation in domestic transportation based on Brokarry, an AI transportation brokerage platform. Based on platform advancement and big data analysis, we plan and operate services so that consignor and truckers can coexist and improve their way of working. We really appreciate this opportunity to listen to the voices of the field for improvements as the best chance to lead changes in the market.

  • Kim Jae-hyun
  • Team Leader, Brokarry
Lee Jeong-mun

I am responsible for establishing business strategies and discovering new pipelines and logistics center models. With the goal of innovating the logistics industry based on a digital platform, the lolab business planning team focuses on discovering new businesses and establishing business models in the direction of the Connect & Link business. We are expanding into BPO, DBO, and Master Lease businesses.

  • Lee Jeong-mun
  • Strategy/Planning, Business Planning
Hong Ki-won

I am responsible for the fulfillment business that provides optimal logistics services based on AI technology. Through sales support for the fulfillment business, stabilization of center operation, and KPI management, we lead the business stably and discover expansion opportunities. You can gain experience in developing various logistics services in a flexible and rapid decision-making environment.

  • Hong Ki-won
  • Team Leader, Fulfillment BPO
Oh Jin-won

I handle everything that has to do with business planning, including new business development and operational stabilization. The Business Planning Team handles the overall business, from pipeline discovery, business feasibility review, business setting, and index management after kick-off. Each team member carries out their duties with a sense of responsibility and leads the rapid growth of lolab through communication and collaboration.

  • Oh Jin-won
  • Team Leader, Business Planning
Park Seo-hyun

I am responsible for business planning, organizational KPI establishment and management, and other business management issues. I became a member of lolab to learn and grow together in a stable company with unlimited growth potential. I enjoy working with colleagues who support each other and lead the work.

  • Park Seo-hyun
  • Administration/Management, Administration Planning
Park Gi-ran

I am responsible for HRM duties such as personnel management/payroll/recruitment in the lolab Management Support Team. My job is to discover great talents and support them to grow together with us. I am proud to provide an environment where we can develop our capabilities and lead innovation, as well as a fair evaluation and compensation.

  • Park Gi-ran
  • HR Management, Administration Support
Kang Ha-Lam

I am responsible for financial affairs related to profit and loss, such as settlement and making of financial statements. I think finance is the most solid base at the back of the business. Our company is a part of KT group, but in a free environment like start-up, I work with wonderful team members who take their responsibilities seriously.

  • Kang Ha-Lam
  • Finance/Accounting, Administration Planning
Yoon Young-jin

I’m responsible for administration support including HR affairs/welfare/security of lolab, the company leading the digital logistics market. We provide opportunities for individuals and the organization to grow together through an innovative and horizontal organizational culture and a flexible operating system suitable for start-up.

  • Yoon Young-jin
  • Team Leader, Administration Support
Kim Seong-min

I am supplementing the overall process of the company, and responsible for the administration strategy and administration indicators management. I am working hard with good colleagues in my position to make this company innovative and strong so that this company can provide the value that the market really needs. I like a culture where we respect and communicate with each other in a horizontal relationship.

  • Kim Seong-min
  • Team Leader, Administration Planning
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